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Pattern design education, for aspiring pattern designers, inspired by historic patterns and styles


An 8-week online training program where you'll learn to create all kinds of patterns and compositions - from simple to complex - by learning from historic patterns and styles.


Expand your pattern knowledge with the Patternpedia

The Patternpedia is an encyclopedia that I've created specifically with evolving pattern designers in mind.

It includes over 130 descriptions and illustrations of various pattern categories, historic styles and classic motifs.

Use it to expand your pattern knowledge and vocabulary, find new inspiration and ideas for your next pattern or collection, or to look up a pattern concept you've come across on your pattern endeavors.


Hello there, I'm Bärbel

I'm a surface pattern designer and teacher living in Stockholm, Sweden where I run my business Bear Bell Productions.

My big creative passions are drawing and history and with pattern design I have found a way to combine these two.

Studying historic and classic patterns and styles is how I've learned advanced pattern design and it also helped me develop my own style.

With History Repeating I want to share this magical world of pattern design and history, help aspiring pattern designers learn how to create patterns in their favorite classic styles and develop their skills and style along the way.


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