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What's Repertoire?

Repertoire is a 12-week online training program for you who want to take your surface pattern design skills and education to the next level.

Repertoire is for you who want to get really good at this craft and learn to create a wide range of patterns, motifs,  compositions and styles. 

Whether you want to take the next step in your pattern design education, or a seasoned designer who wants to expand your knowledge about patterns, this course will help you:

✥ Become a pattern design expert, who knows your topic

✥ Build a broad design experience, with the patterns to prove it!

✥ Develop your personal style and create new, original work

12 WEEKS WHERE WE FOCUS ON developing your PATTERN DESIGN skills

10 weeks where we focus on your pattern design skills

Become a confident surface pattern designer

Who can create any type of pattern you set your mind to.

With an extensive knowledge about patterns & pattern composition.

And actual experience with creating a wide range of patterns.

Who has tools and techniques that make creating complex patterns and compositions effortless.

Who knows that the patterns you create are well crafted, balanced and harmonious.

Who feel comfortable with presenting yourself as a professional pattern designer.

"Repertoire was a super-highway to finding my signature style. An absolute fast track!"

~ Wendy Digel, USA


Hi, I'm Bärbel


I'm a surface pattern designer, pattern historian and educator, living in Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband and two teenage kids.

I'm here to help YOU become an expert in your field. Through education that gives you knowledge, skills and actual experience with creating a wide range of patterns. So that you can feel confident in your abilities as a designer and the quality of your work.

And have fun creating!


"Repertoire is literally full of the best design lessons I have ever taken online."

~ Pragati, Sweden


Student stories

“I really feel that pattern designing has become my new superpower. I have used what I've learned in Repertoire to take my designing up many levels, and I've started to see my own interpretations of the historical styles expressed quite spontaneously."

~ Katherine Moffat, Canada

"Taking Repertoire gave me the confidence to call myself a surface designer and approach local shops with my designs. I now create my own patterned products, have my own store and sell my patterned products in local shops and on print-on-demand services. ‚ÄĚ

~ Katie Beardsley, UK

"My favourite things about Repertoire are the well structured lessons, video tutorials and an international community of like-minded designers. It has helped build the confidence to refine my patterns to commercial specifications for industrial printing and I‚Äôve started my own fabric company!¬†I create my own patterned products and I have my own store.‚ÄĚ

~ Susan Standen, Australia

“Before Repertoire I didn't really know what I was creating because I hardly knew any styles or their names. Now I have an extensive repertoire of so many different designs."

~ Andrea Snuggs, Japan

Let's make you a pattern design expert! Here's how:

Complex patterns broken down into steps that will show you exactly how to create patterns in your favorite styles.

Easy to follow drawing techniques and practices, closing the “gap” between what you see in your head and what comes out on paper. 

Pattern tutorials organized by the complexity of different motifs and compositions, to gradually and steadily advance your skills.

Composition studies and practices to train your eye for what works and what doesn't, so you can create sophisticated and intriguing patterns of your own.

Introductions to a plethora of historic styles and motifs, patterns and composition types, that will help you diversify your collections and portfolio.

9 modules, gradually building your skills and techniques



Module 1 is a week of preparations and setting the stage, with lessons and tutorials about the fundamentals of pattern design. To give you a strong and solid starting point and a source to go back and reference throughout the course.


In this module we will start studying and learning about patterns built with a spot composition type. You get introductions to classic pattern types and historic styles and motifs like the Polka dot, Rosettes, Quatrefoils and floral petítes.


With module 3 we start learning how to create patterns in allover compositions. You get introductions and tutorials to styles like Paisley and Vermicular.



In this module we continue with allover patterns with intertwining and high volume compositions. You'll get introductions and tutorials about floral styles like Millefleurs, Liberty florals and Chinoiserie. 
You will also learn techniques for drawing flowers in different angles.


This module teaches how to create patterns with no spacing between the shapes & motifs. You get introductions to classic styles like ancient Egyptian, Greek & Roman, South American and African. You learn how to create geometric patterns and structures like checks, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, circles and scallops. 


With module 6 we start learning about patterns with a continual composition, with motifs with no visible beginning or end.

In this part 1 we start with geometric patterns like stripes,  trellis and tartans.



In part 2 of continual patterns we take on Trailing Florals and patterns with a background layer. You get introductions to historical styles like Indian Floral and Arts and Crafts and we continue working with more complex Chinoiserie patterns. 


In module 8 you learn about pattens with mirrored and interlocking motifs, and smart techniques for creating them. You get introductions to Ogees, Damask, Art Nouveau and we continue working with Chinoiserie and ancient Greek patterns.


In the last module, we will take on so called Pictorial and Narrative patterns, with introductions to Conversational, Landscape and Toile de Jouy patterns. We also continuing working with ancient Egyptian patterns.

Student stories

"Repertoire is a course that brings out the best in you. I have made patterns that I never imagined I could make and I'm STILL shocked by how they turn out! My friends have seen a huge improvement in the way I create patterns compared to a year ago. I personally have noticed a particular line work style emerging from my patterns.‚ÄĚ

~ Karen Gomes, India

“Repertoire helped me make a portfolio I am truly proud of and gain the confidence to start pitching. I feel truly like an educated expert in pattern design now. "

~ Mairin Kareli, USA

"The techniques that we learn are just awesome! This is something I could never achieve on my own. I‚Äôve managed to¬†create a solid body of work¬†that I am confident to send out to companies and¬†I‚Äôve started to pitch to wallpaper companies.‚ÄĚ

~ Joke Seys, Belgium

“My designs have improved significantly and I even got two commission jobs, one for acanthus scrolls and one for an Indian Floral wallpaper. I am in the process of compiling my portfolio to start reaching out to companies for licensing and I wouldn't have gotten the confidence to do so without Bärbel's help and seeing improvement in my designs."

~ Sampada Phadke, Canada

The intriguing history of patterns

Learn from historic styles and how to create patterns inspired by them with your own twist!

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Greek & Roman

Ancient South American


Indian Floral




Toile de Jouy

Arts and Crafts

Art Nouveau


And more...

I love art history and Bärbel is a master of pattern history. Repertoire is the best place to learn it.

~ Kata Maraczi


There's a treasure trove of pattern possibilities waiting for you inside

  • Foulards & pet√≠tes

  • Quatrefoils

  • Rosettes

  • Ditsy

  • Vermicular

  • Checks &¬†Diamonds

  • Lozenges

  • Hexagons

  • Overlapping circles

  • Scales, scallops & fan

  • Stripes

  • Plaids

  • Trellis

  • ¬†Diaper

  • Ogees

  • Trailing florals

  • Conversational

  • Landscapes

Getting your vision onto paper & screen can feel frustrating

With my step-by-step tutorials and techniques it will get easier:

Develop your drawing skills

  • Tutorials¬†on how to draw motifs in different styles and variations
  • Drills that will train your eye-hand connection
  • Guides and templates to aid your hand

Develop your digital techniques

  • Tutorials¬†on how to build different types of repeats and compositions; with both traditional techniques and in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Best practices for vectorizing your motifs.

Meet Bärbel Dressler

Your Repertoire teacher

Accomplished surface pattern designer, experienced online educator and pattern historian


By studying historical patterns and styles Bärbel taught herself advanced pattern design and how to create a wide range of patterns and compositions, from simple and minimalistic to complex and maximalist designs. Her love for historic patterns and styles, helped form her personal style and has opened doors for working with companies around the world.

She has taught over 55.000 students about pattern history and how to create patterns in classic styles, drawing and illustration.

Bärbel lives with her husband and two teenage children in Stockholm, Sweden, where she runs her pattern design and education business Bear Bell Productions.

She has designed patterns for wallpaper, home decor, home textiles, apparel, shoes, accessories and branding for companies in Europe and North America since 2014.




As a Repertoire student you have unlimited access to the 2024 course, even after the course has come to an end. You can come back and watch and rewatch the lessons and tutorials as many times as you want and need.


You can follow the modules and lessons as they are released, or work through them in your own pace, together with practical and motivating assignments, that are there to help you create lots of new work and know exactly what to do to make progress.


The Repertoire course comes with a 3-week money-back guarantee from the course start. If you for some reason feel that the course isn't for you or not living up to your expectations within the first 21 days you will get a full refund.


More student stories

“Taking part in Repertoire last year was a real eye opener for me and so productive. I made a large body of work which I pulled together into a booklet. It was wonderfully rewarding to focus so intently over a fixed period of time on all the different types of patterns the course covers. Being totally immersed in the history and practicing the techniques being taught, through the robustly structured and explanatory lessons, was invaluable to me as a pattern designer and artist."

~ Lorna Bates, UK

“After Repertoire I can say I have all I need, a great foundation, solid knowledge, digital literacy and new friends who are inspiring each other. I feel confident and now it’s only a matter of continued practice. I consider studying with Bärbel in Repertoire one of the best decisions in my life."

~ Vesta Dobreva-Stefanov, USA

"The Repertoire course has been an enriching experience for me, expanding my knowledge of patterns. The content is endlessly fascinating and has truly transformed the way I perceive patterns.
I‚Äôve also learned some great techniques for preparing my sketches better, have improved my sketching skills, enabling me to create more refined designs. I've also gained the confidence to explore and create patterns in different styles by following the step-by-step instructions provided.‚ÄĚ

~ Ilka Zuijderland Varnes, USA

"Before joining Repertoire I only created 2-3 basic pattern types in Adobe Illustrator. As I learned to interpret historical styles by reinventing and mixing up elements in my way, I can now transform¬†them easily to create something new. This is "creative freedom". Now I am able to create the most intricate historical patterns.‚ÄĚ

~ Agnes Onody, Luxembourg

"I feel like I have so many resources at my disposal now. I can (and do) access the lessons regularly. My mind has been opened up to so many new sources of ideas, inspiration and design tools. I love when another artist or designer says, "how did you do that?"

~ Wendy Digel, USA

"After taking Repertoire my workflow is so much more productive and efficient and I have combined some very interesting new techniques with my own working practices, so now I love designing even more. This year I have won 3 prizes for my pattern designs!"

~ Petra Ottkowski, Germany


"I had the technical skills to create a repeating pattern, but mostly created conversationals and was missing the breadth and depth to create really good designs and collections. Now I create many different types of patterns, from simple dots and line patterns to the more complex Damask, Mughal Boteh and Renaissance Foliage. The most exciting thing is knowing what they are. Being able to look at a pattern and have an idea of what type it is. It makes you feel clever - a more informed designer."

~ Jane Harbison, Australia


"I mostly created basic repeats or half drop repeats in Photoshop using my digitized watercolors before, and had zero knowledge about using Adobe Illustrator. But even though Repertoire is not for Illustrator newbies like I was, I took the risk and now I can use it to create my favorite patterns, like  trailing florals."

~ Kata Maraczi, Hungary