32 pages filled with classic pattern types, styles and motifs, to build your knowledge about patterns for surface design and help you find inspiration and new ideas for your next pattern or collection. 

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/ Bärbel

An encyclopedia about surface pattern design

In this free surface pattern design resource you can read about over 130 pattern types, historic styles and classic motifs from A-Z.

Many with the history behind them and lots of images and illustrations to help you understand their typical characteristics.


Tips for how you can use the Patternpedia

Create a pattern

Coming up with new ideas can be tough. Browse the Patternpedia to find new inspiration for your next pattern design.

Create a collection

Discover new pattern types to inspire and diversify your hero, coordinating and blender patterns in your next pattern collection. 

Broaden your portfolio

When submitting your work to a company it's good to show a wide range of designs. Use the Patternpedia to vary your work.

Educate yourself

Become more knowledgable about patterns and styles by making it a part of your self curated pattern design education.

Challenge yourself

Create a challenge for yourself where you commit to creating (for example) 30 patterns in 3 months, from the Patternpedia. 

Create pattern prompts

Close your eyes, scroll the pages, stop and put your finger/cursor somewhere and see where you land. That's your pattern prompt.

How many patterns do you know?

Having the right language and enough words to describe your work is important for your confidence.

With the Patternpedia you will start building your pattern vocabulary and soon become a pattern expert :-).